Story Camp Application Information

Story Camp Aotearoa is a residential feature film lab that fosters craft, voice and vision. Eight selected screenwriters or creative teams workshop their projects with exceptional international and local advisors in a rigorous five-day experience designed specifically to meet the development needs of their feature film project.

Story Camp Aotearoa is made possible thanks to financial assistance from the New Zealand Film Commission. 

Please note: Story Camp Aotearoa applications are open to permanent New Zealand residents or NZ citizens only. Due to COVID-19 and current New Zealand government border restrictions, all applicants must be residing in New Zealand.

Submission Requirements:

Applications are accepted for feature films projects in both Development and Advanced Development. The submission requirements are different for the two stages.

Advanced Development means the film is nearly production-ready: the script is well-developed, there is a writer, director and producer attached, there is a realistic plan in place for financing your film, and you are very close to market-ready or already have market partners attached.

If you are not at this stage, then you are in Development.

Who applies?

  • Development: writers developing a feature film
  • Advanced Development: the team’s writer, director or producer can apply

Who attends?

  • Development: the writer(s) must attend. Other key creatives will attend on a case by case basis depending on their role within the process and the needs of the project.
  • Advanced Development: the writer(s), director and producer must attend. Other team members such as additional producers, the DoP, lead actor, or editor may join some or all of the process on a case by case basis depending on the needs of the project.

What you’ll need to submit – Development

  • 2-3 pages on what your story is about and why you want to tell this story
  • 1-2 page synopsis or outline of what happens in your film
  • OPTIONAL: A video of up to 5-minutes that provides additional information about you and your film. This can be you talking to camera or a piece of audio-visual work that tells us more about the film’s kaupapa, tone, world, subject or story.
  • Up to 1-page on where your project is at in its development trajectory
  • The first 20-pages of the script or a writing sample (e.g. first 20 pages of a different feature film script, first 20 pages of a play you’ve written, a short film script, short story, essay, poem, etc)
  • A short biography of you and of the director and/or producer (if attached)
  • A link to your prior work – film or other art form (please choose one link to a piece of work that you think best represents you as an artist).

If your project is shortlisted, you will then need to provide

  • The full script OR treatment of 10-30 pages
  • Up to 2 pages on what you think you and the project needs from Story Camp

What you’ll need to submit – Advanced Development

  • 1-2 page synopsis
  • Script
  • Up to 2 page personal statement on why you want to tell this story
  • 1 page on where the project is at in its trajectory, including finance and key team and/or talent secured
  • A short biography of the writer, the director and the producer
  • Links to the director’s prior screen work

If your project is shortlisted, you will then need to provide

  • Up to 2 pages on what you think the project, the writer and/or team, and the individual team members need from Story Camp
  • Director’s treatment
  • Finance plan





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