The A-to-Z of Screen Publicity

Participants for the A-to-Z of Screen Publicity workshop and on the job placements are invited to take part by Script to Screen, the Aotearoa Screen Publicists Collective, NZ On Air.

The A-to-Z of Screen Publicity is a programme that builds the capability of NZ’s screen storytellers to reach and engage with audiences. It is run by Script to Screen in partnership with the Aotearoa Screen Publicists Collective (ASPC) – a new organisation being set up alongside this programme.

Funded by NZ On Air with the aim of supporting discoverability by audiences of NZ On Air funded programmes, the A to Z of Screen Publicity comprises of a two-day workshop, and six on-the-job training placements with mentorships. It aims to build the capability of NZ’s screen storytellers to reach and engage with audiences in a rapidly changing media environment. The A-to-Z of Screen Publicity is presented in response to increasing calls for an industry focus on discoverability.

The two-day workshop was held on 7 & 8 May 2021 in Auckland. The ASPC identified a need to increase the diversity of screen publicists in Aotearoa and therefore gave priority access to people from diverse backgrounds.

The goals of the programme are:

-To better enable New Zealanders to find, and watch more local content;
-To strengthen capability of emerging and established showrunners, writers, producers and directors;
-To encourage collaboration between creators and publicist
-To increase the capacity, number and incomes of our screen publicists so that we can better reflect New Zealand’s unique cultures, reach the right audiences, and better service international productions;
-To ensure our local content has the international-standard assets it needs when it sells (recognising that those sales can happen long before the production is completed).

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