Top Tips to make your FilmUp application shine

We’ve put together our top five tips to make your application shine. Take the opportunity now to make your application stand out and put your best foot forward.

1. Tailor your application to your needs
Is your application highlighting what you and your project need right now? Selectors will be looking for resonance between the stage you are at, and what support you are looking for. Ensure the reasons you would like to take part this year, why your project will benefit from a mentor at this stage, and the mentors you would like to work with all co-relate.

2. Make it personal
FilmUp is about empowering you to do your best work, now. So make it personal, why you, why this project, why now at this stage of your career?

3. Proofread your application
Mistakes and typos can be very distracting for the reader. Rally your trusted peer to proofread your application and attachments before hitting submit. No one wants to have a spelling mistake in the first line of your synopsis, but believe us – it happens!

4. Label and name your documents
This one is mainly to make our lives easier but it’s a very simple and practical way to stand out from the crowd: name and title all your documents. Imagine how many documents we receive that are just titled ‘Synopsis’. Please title each page you attach with your full name, project title and document title (e.g. Synopsis). Whether it’s in a header, footer, or simply at the top of the page, take every chance to remind the reader whose great work they are reading.

5. Keep it succinct
Long, waffley paragraphs don’t always get the point across. Make sure you’re highlighting the most relevant parts of your career and giving key info about the trajectory of your project.




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