Series Bootcamp FAQs

Can I submit a  Series Concept in any genre?
Yes, you can submit a comedy/thriller/crime/horror/sci-fi etc series concept as long as it is scripted.

Do I have to have a producer attached to my project to apply?

Can I be both the writer and the producer?

One of the aims of this Development Lab is to increase the number of producers with the skills to make series in New Zealand.  Because of this, there needs to be a minimum of two people in each team – producer and writer. Yes, you can be a producer and writer of your TV series concept, but you need to have a co-producer or a co-writer separate from yourself.

Do all team members have to attend in person?

All key team members must be able to attend the two-day development lab in person in Auckland in December. We aim to run the event in person unless we are prohibited to do this due to Covid-related government restrictions. Due to this, all team members must know they will be in New Zealand at the time of the December workshop.

If a highly experienced producer guides a new producer, only the new producer must attend the development lab.

If one or more of our key team members’ experience level/s differs from the guidelines set out (e.g. we are too experienced), am I still eligible to apply?

For this programme, if you think you meet emerging or mid-career for a reason not listed, explain why in your biography. You may choose to address how this programme would develop your career in another field e.g. you are an experienced writer/director who is stepping into producing, or you are an experienced producer in film/doco/reality TV but not Sscripted TV; or you are an experienced TV producer who has brought a less experienced producer onto the project to upskill them.

STS’s reference point for experience levels aligns with the NZFC’s, which you can read here.



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