Series Bootcamp FAQs 2023

Can I submit a  Series Concept in any genre?
Yes, you can submit a comedy/thriller/crime/horror/sci-fi etc series concept as long as it is scripted.

Do I have to have a producer attached to my project to apply?
No, but it is important that the series is being developed to pitch to broadcasters, platforms or co-producers experienced at getting series funded and produced. So if one of the writers is also going to pitch the series after Bootcamp, then a producer does not need to be in the team.

Can I be both the writer and the producer?
Yes, you can be a producer and writer of your TV series concept as long as you are capable of performing both roles.

Do all team members have to attend in person?
All key team members must be able to attend the two-day development lab in person in Auckland 4 & 5 May, the online session mid June and the pitch day 26 June. 

If there is a highly experienced producer guiding a new producer (or writer-producer), only the new producer needs to attend the development lab.

How do I know if my experience level meet eligibility?
We expect applicants to be on a learning pathway. For this programme, if you think you are emerging or mid-career and that you can learn from Series Bootcamp advisors, then you are eligible. You may choose to address how this programme would develop your career in your biography e.g. you are an experienced writer/director who is stepping into producing; or you are an experienced producer in film/doco/reality TV but not Scripted TV.

Can I apply more than once?
Yes, but keep in mind the selectors would have to eliminate one project from the short list should one team member be attached to two projects that are in the shortlist.



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