Series Bootcamp Application Information

MIDNIGHT, 30 August 2020
FIRST FEEDBACK SESSION – ONLINE: date to be scheduled early November 
3 – 4 December 2020




We’re seeking writer/producer teams with outstanding concepts for a drama series for broadcast or streaming.

Please note: Series Bootcamp applications are open to permanent New Zealand residents or NZ citizens only.

All key team members must be able to attend the two-day development lab in person in Auckland in December. We aim to run the event in person unless we are prohibited to do this due to Covid-related government restrictions. Due to this, all team members must know they will be in New Zealand at the time of the December workshop.

Who is eligible?

  • Writer and producer teams with a series concept they are developing together (Lead writer/s and lead producer/s are the only team members who will attend Series Bootcamp)
  • Emerging and mid-career practitioners*
  • Teams who are applying must show a strong track record with produced screen work which may include shorts, features, documentary, web series
  • Writers who demonstrate robust and compelling storytelling, with complex characters that audiences will find engaging
  • Producers at a stage where they are ready to extend their skills so they can work effectively with commissioners and platforms
  • Teams or team members can apply more than once

*STS’s reference point for experience levels aligns with the NZFC’s which you can read here. For this programme, if you think you meet emerging or mid-career for a reason not listed, explain why in your biography.

Who attends?

  • Both the writer/s and producer/s of the scripted series concept attend Series Bootcamp development lab on 3 – 4 December 2020.

Note: Team members also need to be available to participate in an online 90-min feedback session in November (taking place 2-13 Nov, date and time to be agreed between teams and US screenwriter) and write up notes about how that feedback can be utilised to improve their concept. These notes are to be emailed to Script to Screen by 23 November so they can be read by the mentors attending Series Bootcamp.

To apply, you’ll need to submit the following in ONE .pdf document:

Please ensure your uploaded attachment is page numbered and includes a header with applicant names and project title.

Your document should not exceed 10 pages total (including any visual material/images you use). If you need to merge multiple documents you can use for free.

Your submission document should include:

  • A brief biography of each team member including key credits
  • A link to prior produced screen work of lead producer/s and lead writer/s that they are most proud of
  • A one-pager on your series concept that includes a premise and an overview of the series story (first season only if your story could work as a returning series)
  • Up to ½ a page on the world of the series
  • Up to ½ a page on the genre and tone of the series
  • Up to ½ a page on who you think the audience is
  • Up to ½ a page on where you think your series belongs in terms of networks and platforms, and why
  • A brief description of your central character(s)
  • Up to ½ a page of background information if applicable. For example, information on a historical basis, true story, source material, rights ownership


Shortlisted applicants will be notified on the week commencing 28 September. Teams on the shortlist will be asked to submit a writing sample of the script for Episode 1 of their series.

  • For series with episodes of 33 minutes or less, you will need to submit the first 5 pages of the episode.
  • For series with episodes over 33 minutes, you will need to submit the first 10 pages of the episode.

The writing sample will need to be delivered within three days from the notification date. We recommend you prepare your script now so it is ready to submit.

Please ensure you complete payment of the $20 application fee by 30 August.

Bank details as follows:

Account Name: Script to Screen Te Tari Kupu A Whakaahua
Account Number: 03 0255 0178775-00
Reference: Bootcamp – Applicant name




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