New Script to Screen Podcasts Available!

Wish you’d made it to one of our 2019 TALKS?


Head to our Script to Screen podcast channel where you will find newly released Script to Screen Podcasts. Find out what local distributors consider before they take on a project for distribution and learn about the hard task of navigating the balance between staying true to your story while satisfying the audience’s expectations for your character. Especially if those characters are the first of their kind on screen.

Plus, delve into 14 newly released 2018 Big Screen Symposium Sessions. Revisit Wanuri Kahui’s uplifting keynote address on the Zeitgeist of Joy; get practical tips on engaging your audience with Anna Dean; or take a deep dive into David Lowery’s filmmaking process with The Old Man & the Gun.

Available on PodbeanApple and Spotify.



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