Kōpere Hou – Fresh Shorts Webinar

Wondering about the new application process for Kōpere Hou – Fresh Shorts?

Watch this webinar with Miriam Smith (Fresh Shorts Facilitator), Jude McLaren (Talent Pathways Manager, NZFC) and Jackie Dennis (ED, Script to Screen) to hear about what’s needed for Whiringa Tauatahi – Stage One and how to put your best foot forward in your 2020 Kōpere Hou – Fresh Shorts application. The purpose of the webinar is to give an overview on the new application process and guide you through the selection criteria.

This webinar took place on Thursday 17 September at 5:30pm.

Useful Links:

Kōpere Hou – Fresh Shorts Webpage: https://script-to-screen.co.nz/development-programmes/fresh-shorts/

Full Application Information: https://script-to-screen.co.nz/fresh-shorts-application-info-2/

Guidelines: https://script-to-screen.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2000/09/Ko%CC%84pere-Hou-Fresh-Shorts-2020-Guidelines-10.09.2020.pdf

Pointers: https://script-to-screen.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2000/09/Ko%CC%84pere-Hou-Fresh_Shorts_Stage-One-Application_Pointers__10.09.2020.pdf

Email the Fresh Shorts Facilitator: FreshShorts@script-to-screen.co.nz



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