Congratulations to the filmmakers selected for FilmUp 2021

Nine outstanding filmmakers are warmly welcomed into Script to Screen’s 2021 FilmUp Mentorship Programme.

FilmUp is our high-end development programme for writers, directors and producers who have already shown considerable talent and tenacity in their work. It is a highly competitive programme with nine participants being selected from the 65 applications received. Participants come from Auckland, Dunedin, Waikato and Wellington

Each participant is matched with a filmmaker mentor to develop their project. They will also participate in a series of six FilmUp Hubs that include round tables, workshops, and group work as part of the eight-month programme that is tailored to the group’s needs.

The 9 filmmakers selected for FilmUp 2021 :
(Pictured left to right)
  • Chris Parker
    Writer – Feature Film
  • Gwen Isaac
    Director/Producer – Feature Documentary
  • Hash Perambalam
    Writer/Director – Feature Film
  • Jessica Sanderson
    Writer/Director – Feature Film
  • Jessica Smith
    Writer/Director – Feature Film
  • Julian Arahanga
    Writer/Director – Feature Film
  • Paula Whetu Jones
    Writer/Director – Feature Film
  • Pennie Hunt
    Writer/Director – Feature Film
  • Rouzie Hassanova
    Writer/Director – Feature Film

FilmUp is made possible thanks to funding from New Zealand Film Commission and additional support from the US Embassy.





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