Congratulations to the filmmakers selected for FilmUp 2020

In this difficult time we have some good news. Script to Screen is proud to be welcoming eight filmmakers to our 2020 FilmUp Mentorship Programme which will continue during level 4 lockdown.

FilmUp is our high-end development programme for writers, directors and producers who have already shown considerable talent and tenacity in their work. It is a highly competitive programme with eight participants being selected from the 82 applications received.

Each participant is matched with a filmmaker mentor and will participate in a series of Hub days that include round tables, workshops, and group work as part of the eight-month programme that is tailored to their individual needs.

Script to Screen wants to help keep the screen community connected by continuing our programmes in adapted formats as we maintain physical distancing. Our FilmUp participants can communicate with their mentors remotely and the first FilmUp Hub will be held online. The remainder of the Hubs will be adjusted as needed when the time nears.

The 8 filmmakers selected for FilmUp 2020 are (L-R):
  • Cian Elyse White
    Writer/Director – Feature Film
  • Finnius Teppett
    Writer/Director – Feature Film
  • Matasila Freshwater
    Writer/Director – Feature Film
  • Morgan Leigh Stewart
    Producer – Feature Film
  • Paloma Schneideman
    Writer/Director – Feature Film
  • Paolo Rotondo
    Writer/Director/Producer – Feature Film
  • Paul Wolffram
    Writer/Director – Feature Documentary
  • Vanessa Wells
    Writer/Director – Feature Documentary



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