About Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers is a pioneering programme focused on building sustainable businesses in our screen industry. Selected filmmakers participate in a series of workshops run by Script to Screen and led by David Court.

David founded Compton School, a Melbourne-based business school for creative people, is the former Head of Screen Business at AFTRS, and worked on the Jackson/Court review of the New Zealand Film Commission. 

The workshops will arm selected participants with the tools they need to build a sustainable business in the screen industry.

The programme offers a unique opportunity for practitioners in the screen industry to work together on the building blocks of business models that will sustain their future and ultimately shape the industry itself. Strength in Numbers aims to cultivate a super smart community of business people in the screen industry that support each other over time.

Selected participants will have a proven track record that demonstrates considerable talent and tenacity in their field, and a screen industry business already underway to work on.

The programme will be delivered in five intensive workshops spread over approximately eight months. In 2020 the first workshop will be early February. Each workshop will focus on different topics from the curriculum. The programme will comprise of a mix of instruction, interactive discussion, case studies and peer-to-peer and one-on-one feedback.


  1. COMING TOGETHER IN A CREATIVE ENTERPRISE: Participants will explore some of the innovative business structures creative people have used to work together successfully.
  2. STRATEGIC CHOICES IN CREATIVE LIFE: Participants will study the strategic elements of project choice, including a specific focus on the movie greenlight process.
  3. UNPACKING THE CONTENT ‘BLACK BOX’: In this topic we work at solving the puzzle of financing options, property rights and creative possibilities.
  4. THE WAY AHEAD: Participants will learn the elements of business planning and creating a business narrative.
  5. ELEMENTS OF THE PITCH: We explore the elements of the pitch – narrative, clarity, confidence, and engagement.

Inaugural participants in the pilot programme included some of New Zealand’s most exciting producers, including those who brought us Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Boy, The Dark Horse, Love Story, Three Wise Cousins and Loading Docs. 





Sophie Henderson, Writer/Actor - FilmUp Participant

"Thank you for connecting me with the industry both here and in Australia. I have a greater understanding of the business of writing having met with Alice (Bell) every week and the importance of having 'product' as a writer. "

Michael Bennett, Writer/Director/Author - Hokianga Film Project Mentor

"The projects that Script to Screen does and the reason I'm so gung-ho enthusiastic about them is; it's about accessing people whose stories just don't make it on screen. It's giving people skills to tell stories for the screen. Giving new voices and new stories the potential to become films"

Armagan Ballantyne, Director - FilmUp Participant

"Being a part of FilmUp was incredibly inspiring, connecting with fellow filmmakers on a deep level and having the opportunity to work one on one with a mentor, provided great filmmaking stimulation."

Jeremiah Tauamiti, Writer/Director - FilmUp and South Shorts Participant

"Script to Screen has been really, really helpful for me. They really gave me the confidence to be able to first of all do basic things like describe an idea, pitch an idea. It was there that everything started rolling for me as a filmmaker and it presented a safe environment for me"

Quianna Titore, Writer/Director - Hokianga Film Project Participant

"Script to Screen can connect to the outer regions, to these little regions such as Whirinaki and Kaikohe, where opportunities like these can still be given to kids that don't quite have these opportunities. I am really thankful for what Script to Screen has done for me and who I've been working with."

Tim van Dammen, Producer/Writer/Director - FilmUp Participant

"Oftentimes we feel like satellites, not really sure what else or who else is out there and what's going on. Script to Screen has these programs that sort of bring you together and put you in touch with people more experienced than you and on the similar level to you in terms of what they're up to and you can sort of form relationships with them, and just feel like there are people you can talk to out there, which is nice."

Chelsie Preston Crayford, Actor/Writer/Director - FilmUp Participant

“For an artist, this level of empowerment and support is rare and utterly invaluable. The programme carefully facilitates the most magical sense of community, inspiration and support. The hub days are a taonga. Do yourself a solid and apply.”

Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa, Producer/Writer/Director - Strength in Numbers and FilmUp Participant in Numbers Participant

"It really gave me a really good grounding for the future in terms of how to consolidate both my business, in terms of the production company, and future projects and how to go about doing it and being much more clinical about how to run a business without compromising the artistic side of it."

Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu, Writer/Director - FilmUp Participant

"FilmUp LITERALLY changed my life. It gave me some real perspective on storytelling and helped me figure out what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it."

Gaby Solomona, Actor/Writer/Producer - South Shorts Participant

"This programme [South Shorts] not only opened the door for me to discover my skills as a writer but also gave me the confidence to know that I can actually do this, anyone can. I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity"

Julia Parnell, Producer - FilmUp and Strength in Numbers Participant

"The insights and inspiration I have received have been exponentially more beneficial than I ever imagined."



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