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Telling Māori Stories, Writing Māori Characters

At Script to Screen’s September Writer’s Room, filmmaker and mentor Merata Mita, screenwriter Briar Grace-Smith and playwright and actor Kirk Torrance talk to MC Kath Akuhata-Brown about issues of community, consultation and collaboration.... Read more

Nature of the Subsidy

In a recent discussion paper prepared for Maori Broadcasting funder Te Mangai Paho, Larry Parr (Producer, Head of Television TMP) examines the value for the NZ taxpayer in subsidising the film and television industry, and raises the question of whether or not the taxpayer should retain ownership of New Zealand screening rights and have free access to all work produced on NZ taxpayer funds. ... Read more

What Makes a Story Cinematic?

In the June Writer's Room, Scriptwriter and teacher Ken Duncum invites producer John Barnett (Whale Rider, Sione's Wedding), NZFC Head of Development Marilyn Milgrom and scriptwriter Graeme Tetley (Out of the Blue, Vigil) to speak candidly about the elements they felt made up a ‘cinematic story', setting about answering questions by defining ‘cinematic' from a writer's point of view and discussing how a lack of this elusive and sometimes misunderstood quality could sound the death knell for a fledgling script.... Read more

The Past, Present and Future of Vincent Ward

The October Writer’s Room, in association with the Screen Directors Guild, hosts guest writer/director Vincent Ward settle with MC director/producer Dan Salmon to treat the audience to readings from his new book, clips from some of his films and candid insights and conversation about his career and adventures along the way.... Read more