How do writers navigate the perils of co-writing to create screen magic?

Script to Screen presents a Wellington Writer’s Room with writer/director Roseanne Liang (My Wedding and Other Secrets, Take 3, Banana in a Nutshell) and writer/director team Louis SutherlandMark Albiston (Run, The Six Dollar Fifty Man), who have all co-written film stories to considerable success.

Louis and Mark’s short films, Run and The Six Dollar Fifty Man, both scooped up the Special Distinction award at Cannes and the latter went on to win Best International Short Film at Sundance. They are now co-writing their first feature film, Shopping. Roseanne Liang’s first feature, My Wedding and Other Secrets, was co-written with good friend Angeline Loo. Hitting our screens last month it knocked The Kings Speech from third place at the box office and has received a big thumbs up from critics and audiences alike, including five stars from Peter Calder in the New Zealand Herald.

These stories are not only co-written but are drawn from the filmmakers own lives. Producer and current NZFC Short Film Executive Lisa Chatfield (Scarfies, Signing Off) talks to Roseanne, Louis and Mark about how they approach the collaborative writing process and how they share ownership of autobiographical material.

6.30 Drinks, 7pm Start, Wednesday 20 April, NZ Film Archive, 84 Taranaki Street, Wellington, $5 Koha appreciated