Conceptual Collaboration

February 22, 2011

How can writers, directors and producers work collectively at a conceptual level?

Writer/director Toa Fraser (No.2, Dean Spanley), director Katie Wolfe (This is Her, Nights in the Gardens of Spain) and producer Matthew Metcalfe (Dean Spanley, Love Birds) talk to chair Christina Milligan (producer) about how they work within creative teams to shape a package.  The panelists will explore how they keep the heart of a film at the centre of this process, ultimately ensuring those in the key roles are developing and selling the same film.

Join us for our first Writer’s Room of 2011 and stay afterwards for a slice of pizza courtesy of Toto’ Pizza.

Drinks 7pm, 7.30 start, Tuesday 22 February, The Classic, 321 Queen Street, Auckland, $5 koha appreciated


Developing Real Characters

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Making What We Do in the Shadows

June 26, 2014

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