Apron Strings

Writers Shuchi Kothari and Diane Taylor, Director Sima Urale, Producers Rachel Gardner and Anglea Littlejohn.

Actors Shireen Shah, Madeline Sami, Michael Koloi, Scott Wills, Cherie James and Judy Rankin brought to life the characters from Apron Strings at the Script Read Through Workshop held on Friday the 16th February. Guest dramaturg Maxine Fleming led the actors through a reading of the script followed by a discussion of the relationships, characterisations and stories of the characters.


Be Very Afraid

Writer/director Jonothan Cullinane, producer John Barnett

Be Very Afraid subsequently renamed We’re Here to Help had its read through at home at South Pacific Pictures.  Erik Thomson, Miriama Smith, Jason Hoyte, John Leigh, Greg Johnson, Stephen Papps and Stephanie Wilkin lent their voices to the characters allowing the project team to finalise the script.  We’re Here to Help went into production in February.

The Paraffin Child

Writer/director Simone Horrocks, producer Trevor Haysom.

The Paraffin Child (now called After the Waterfall) was workshopped last December with guest dramaturg Nancy Brunning.  Bringing sound to the page for the first time were Stuart Devinie, Antony Starr, Chelsie Preston-Crayford, Nicola Kawana, Matt Sunderland and Taungaroa Emile.


Writer Chris Clark, producer Fraser Clark.

Wrestler became The King Boys shortly prior to its read-through in May this year.  Guiding further fine changes through the workshop format was dramaturge Catherine Fitzgerald with the help of actors Charlie Bleakley, Cohen Holloway, Graeme Tetley, Grant Tilly, Matthew Chamberlain and Vanessa Byrnes.